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In 1983 Kiyooka created Kill-o-Zap Halls, an AppleSoft ][ BASIC game published in Creative Computing magazine.

In 1985 Kiyooka won a special mention in Owen Linzmayer's APPLECART programming contest for his 6502 Assembly Language program which turned the Apple ][+ keyboard into a cheesy music synthesizer.

In 1985 Kiyooka developed "The Mechanic (PAGE 41)", a collection of Norton-like utilities for the Commodore (C64) home computer. The collection of tools included an interactive machine code disassembler for 6502/6510 CPU, disk sector editor, and various tools for working with files. The publisher was MegaSoft of Battleground, WA USA.

Between 1988-1991, Electron also performed consulting activities for various companies and developed a program (on contract) called dbLink for Process Solutions Canada. dbLink employed Windows Dynamic Data Exchange (DDE) to pull industrial process control data into Microsoft Excel spreadsheets. While RecRun was the first product to include a hypertext help system, it was for the dbLink project that Kiyooka created the first rudimentary macros for Microsoft Word that would eventually grow in complexity and become RoboHelp. Primary development environment ANSI-C and the Windows SDK.

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