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1999/2000, Electron reinvents itself as an ESD (Electronic Software Distribution) and DRM (Digital Rights Management) company with a long-term plan to revamp the entire process of distributing and licensing software electronically. In effect, the proposed system was designed to satisfy the needs of Kiyooka and the wide range of products he developed for both the Macintosh and Windows operating systems.

Electron delivery of software upgrades and updates through ESD fufillment, handling all aspects of the eCommerce process, including credit card capture and automated issue of receipts/downloads.

2002-2003, Electron developed a novel system of licensing software using industrial strength cryptography to generate useful and informative software keys (generally speaking, unforgeable) which could be tested for authenticity and security just as SSL certificates are.

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2004: first software shipped with new ESD and DRM system.

2005: Development of SEO platform initiated.

2007: new simpler form of serial number system developed for consumer (sub $50) products.

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